Agile Planes Game

When I meet with people and ask questions about great games for improve team collaboration they answer no. 1 is always Scrum LEGO game beginners guide. That didn’t suit me so I was really stabborn in finding or inventing any other game which improves collaboration inside teams.

Reasons why you might need other game are various, for example:

  • Your team already played LEGO game
  • You don’t have LEGO box available

Planes game requirements

All you need for this game is:

  • Absolute minimum is 4 people
  • Pile of A4 paper sheets
  • 1 hours timebox

Game plan

First of all you need to create as many 2-4 people teams as possible. Teams don’t have to be same size (life is not fair). Goal of each time is to build planes while consuming resources and provide profit for company.

You should start game by some kind of introduction in which you will tell teams that they all have budget and are supposed to create as big profit as possible. Game will be held in 3 sprint. Each sprint will be combined from:

  • 3 min planning – on this meeting each team will be provided with one A4 piece of paper for checking and need to figure out amount of planes that they will commit to on first sprint
  • 3 min sprinting – actual building, remember that every one can make one fold at a time
  • review – all participants together gather to check their planes (you are making test flights) – plane is accepted when it fly for more than 5 meters
  • 3 min retro – teams use this time to find out what they should improve

Rules of the plane game

  1. Plane is finished (accepted/done) only when it crossed 5 meter mark before touchdown.
  2. Maximum profit from one plane is $2 and maximum loss per lack of plane is -$5. Your balance is changing:
    • +$3 per commited and finished plane
    • +$2 per finished plane above commitment limit
    • -$3 per commited and unfinished plane
    • -$1 per plane given for failed test
    • -$1 per used piece of paper
  3. User can make one fold at a time. Plane need to change hands after EVERY fold.
  4. Planes need to have blunt front for security (belive me they will be flying all around).

Read more about this game at Planes Game results and examples

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