Agile Taboo, easy way to learn more about Scrum

Agile taboo is a very quick game, that arouses curiosity about Scrum event, methods and celebrations.

I’ve played it for the first time with Barry Overeem on ABE 2017 in Warsaw. The game presented by him was slightly different and can be found on Barry Blog.


You need to prepare cards with some words, which will be guessed by players. You don’t need to stick with Scrum connected ones. Feel free to include some Kanban or Waterfall terms as well just to make the game harder. Here you can download Scrum set:  Scrum taboo list of words


The game is very easy and can be held anytime, for instance after the Daily.

  1. Give a first player card and start the counter.
  2. Player has 30 seconds for explaining as many words written on the cards.
  3. Player can toss card to “I don’t know it” stack and take next card.
  4. Taking next card do not extend 30 seconds time.
  5. If any other player guess correctly, then we give guesser a point and continue with the next player.

After the game

Player with most points after a couple of iterations is the winner and receives a cookie. Moreover, the whole team should go through “I don’t know it stack” and clarify all words.