List of books I personally recommend.

Management 3.0 #Workout by Jurgen Appelo – One of the best books with superb design, many good practices to include in your firm and lots of great ideas. Topics covered: ‚ÄčKudos box, Managing by walking around (Gemba), Managing by sitting around, Delegation poker and delegation board, T-shirt test, One on ones, Pairing and mentoring, Work in progress, cycle time and lead time, Celebration grid and many more.

Kanban in action by Marcus Hammarberg and Joakim Sunden – contains a couple of games for training an Agile. Aswell with an easy explanation of how Kanban works and cool introduction story. For one this can Can be treated as Kanban manual. I have to say that some of the resources are outdated.

Professional Scrum Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 – especially you should take a closer look at Chapter 1, which in my opinion is the easiest explanation of Scrum for the Developers.

Other worth noticing.

  • Introducing EventStorming An act of Deliberate Collective Learning by Alberto Brandolini