Daily Goal concept

Some time ago we transformed our team from Scrum to Kanban for many reasons. Most important one was that we were doing maintenance work then and we were unable to set long-term sprint goals (from our perspective it was long-term).


We kept daily meeting (name changed slightly) and retrospective. We also added grooming sessions meetings. It all worked fine with maintenance work, but when we face phase in which we had to develop something bigger we easily lose focus and have a tendency to postpone decision/actions to the next day.

During daily we actually focus too much on “what we did?” “how we did it?” and “what we are doing right now” and too little on “how to do more?” or “how to do better?”.

Possible solution

We think that setting daily goal every day might improve our work pace. We hope to get the following benefits:

  • improve cooperation as a goal will be clearly defined instead of “finish tasks from todo”
  • we will start finishing things
  • we will see that our WIP limits are too high

Is this working?

We are going to see in a couple of weeks and I will sure describe our thoughts here. Read if Daily Goal also makes sense in Scrum Team: Daily Goal in Scrum Team

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