Maciej Lewandowski

I believe that working with anyone is much easier if you get to know another person. That's the reason I am putting some basic pieces of information about me on this page.


I always wanted to work in computer science and software development. I started my journey back at VI high school in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Later on, in 2010 I studied at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, where I got my master's degree in Computer Science (my thesis was a mathematical analysis of cryptographic system NTRU).


Firstly I was working as software web developer. I was coding in PHP, .NET, and Javascript. Being frank I am still developing minor features just to keep up to date with all trends. After a couple of years of commercial experience, I discovered that product management is far more interesting and since then I have the luck to work as a Product Owner or Product Manager with multiple large scale products.

I am a Scrum practitioner, who managed to pass all 3 entrance level certifications (PSM, PSD, and PSPO). I am also a great fan of all kinds of workshops as a powerful tool of unleashing people's potential, so I facilitated quite an amount of those.


There are a couple of my short articles, mostly about agile software development and Scrum.


For almost 20 years I am connected with swimming. I finished my first level water lifeguard training at the age of 14 and continued that path until today. In terms of sports, I currently define myself as an amateur triathlete. Swimming, cycling and running, helps me keep a clear mind and good shape.

That's me! Call me Mac.