Product Management.
Software Development.

Proved to be reliable through 10 years of service. Multiple finished projects, positive attitude, and knowledge you need.

Product Management

Consult your process with me. If we find a common language it might be the start of long-lasting cooperation...

As a someone with Scrum Master background and a long list of known products I've worked on - I will be for sure a valuable source of knowledge.
Also, I'm an author of Agile Parrot Blog where I share my thoughts on processes, software development agile approach, and much more.

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Software Development

Hire me if you need to solve a complex problem or figuring out what is broken in your existing code...

My first commit was over 10 years ago, so that's plenty of time to gather experience. I rarely contribute to GitHub or Stack Overflow. I could provide a very long list of things I've worked with, but I feel confident with:

  • Architecture
  • Finding bugs / fixing edge cases
  • PHP
  • MySQL

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