Scrum LEGO game beginners guide

LEGO Game in Scrum is a simple game in which people that are new to Scrum learn some techniques and find reasons for Scrum ceremonies. This and following posts describe custom variation of Scrum LEGO game for one small group. It is basically based on this paper: Scrum Simulation with LEGO Bricks

Pre game requirements:

  • We need timebox of 120 minutes
  • Group size is one team of 4-6 people
  • One Lego box (200+ parts)
  • Stickers, flip chart paper sheets, markers
  • Planning poker cards (or hand-made ones)
  • Board for drawing charts


As a trainer you will be playing the Product Owner role. First of all you need to communicate group following things:

  1. All of them will be building a single product, the need to cooperate
  2. The product is a CITY.
  3. I am the main decision maker of the product – it is my city.
  4. The main building elements are LEGO blocks. But thet can use any other material in addition.
  5. I will continiously answer questions and provide feedback.
  6. I might make some Scrum mistakes if I like to. I will be playing a newbie Product Owner.
  7. There is no Scrum Master or any other man available (unless they convince someone to help them).

Lego Game Agenda

After introduction you should also tell players that game should take around 2 hours and will have following events (most of them are timeboxed):

  1. Information about game rules (already done)
  2. Product spin-off
  3. Building the Backlog (15m)
  4. Estimating (30 min)
  5. Sprint 1 (timeboxed to 15 min)
    1. Sprint Planning (3 min)
    2. Sprinting (7 min)
    3. Sprint Reviewing (5 min)
  6. Sprint 2 (15 min)
  7. Sprint 3 (15 min)
  8. Debrief and game retrospective (30 min)

Read about next stage of the game in next post: Scrum LEGO Backlog and Sprinting

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